Bhrigu Lake Himalayas

These pictures are from my recient trip to Bhrigu Lake in the Dhalaudhar Region of the the Himalayas, near the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. July 2014
Beginning of trail to Bhrigu Lake Meadows Waterfalls on the way up  rest stop on our way up to base camp
Hanuman Tibba- Dhaladhar Mountains Further up the mountain Campsite Dawn from Campsite
mountain meadows  Trail leading up onto snowfields and Bhrigu Lake Sunrise on the Dhauladhars  Sunrise on the Dhaladhurs Dhauladhar Vista  The sun slowly illumindates the valley we are in Sunrise looking across to Hanuman Tibba  Sunset on the Dhauladhar Mountains. Hanuman Tibba is the dome peak on the left
Campfire at night  Meerchand, Raj and our Nepali porter. These guys are tireless and carry huge loads. they set up the tents, cook the food and make the trip safe and very enjoyable IMG 2383 2  Sheep grazing on hillside Looking across valley Mountain Flowers
Peter, Meerchan and Sukhpreet  Peter, our wonderful porter-Meerchand and Sukhpreet, the Sikh man who put together the trip Sukhpreet singing in the mountains Mountain Flowers by glacier fed river Kullu people we met on trail
Gaddi Animal herdsman Gaddi Camp Gaddi Herders Gaddis come to our campsite to visit  Meerchand serves a lunch of rice and dal while we are visited by a Gaddi man. We share our food with him.
water cascading down mountainsides Small stream in high mountain meadow  Beautiful pastures with wildflowers. You can drink out of the streams Trail leading up to snowfields  Trail going up into the snowfields Gaddi horses grazing  Gaddi horses grazing
Gaddi Sheep grazing  Gaddi Sheep in Pasture. they are just about to travel three days over the mountains to Spiti for the special grasses that grow there The area is filled with waterfalls Gaddi Donkey Gaddi longhair Goats
Gaddi Horses Gaddi Goats Gaddi Sheep on hillside The Gaddis will take the sheep across the mountains to Spiti in a few days
Looking out at snowfields First ascent of snowfields PEter at Bhrigu Glacier to be clmbed on way to Bhrigu Lake
Ascending Glacier on way to Bhrigu Lake Climbing in glacier near Bhrigu Lake Bhrigu Lake Bhrigu Lake sacred to Bhrigu Rishi
Close-up of Bhrigu Lake Sukhpreet, Peter and Meerchan at Bhrigu Lake 2014