Basket of Apricots  Apricot Harvest-August. This area is filled with many apricot trees, These came from the tree right outside my front door. When the fruits become ripe, the trees are beautiful to look at and the fruit is exquisite in taste. The local people use the fruit for making apricot oil and to feed to their animals. Very few apricots are eaten by them. Kullu House with grass and hay in courtyard  Traditional Kullu house with hay and bedding spread out to dry before the long winter Creek  Creek running through nearby valley Path through Deodar Forest  Deodar Forest. It's like a fairytale land. The path runs for about a mile from Old Manali to New Manali. These are Himalayan Cedars. The people use their pine needles for bedding for their animals. Old Manali Spring  Spring Day with the apple trees in bloom and snow on th4 mountains Path to house  Path that leads to another smaller path to my house. Everything is carried on somebody's shoulders to get here. When you go to town there are many Nepali porters waiting to carry your stuff back.
Manali Cottage Deodar Forest in Fog  Deodar Forest on a foggy day. The Deodar forests mean literally- the wood (daru) or trees of the Devas or Gods (deo). These forests were a favorite place of ancient Rishis to perform Tapas. One can still imagine them there. Sunrise on Peaks from house  Sunrise on distant peak viewed from my front porch Peter on porch  Peter on porch working on computer. It is nice to sit out in the morning, look at the Himalaya and write. I can hear the Manalsu river rushing down below in the valley. Thoreau would be jealous. Magical Fog in Deodar Forest  Foggy path in Deodar forest. In this area (Himachal Pradesh), people with asthma or lung problems sit out in these forests int the morning for their health Apple Orchard and Garden  Apple Trees set in the midst of small gardens. It is a very effective and space intensive    style of agriculture practiced here
Kullu House with Hay in storge for winter  Stone roofed Kulllu house with hay under eaves for the animals. I have seen two of these houses collapse under the weight of the stone and shifting foundations View of high peaks  High Peaks on a beautiful day looking up towards the Rohtang Pass late fall Path in the Deodars  Deodar Forest. The path goes for about a mile from Old Manali and comes out in New Manali. It is a great way to walk to town Apple Trees  Apple Trees in fall Deodar2  Deodar Forest. The oil from the cedars is used for aromatherapy. In the middle East, cedat was the wood used to build King Solomon's temple as the aroma was thought to turn one's thoughts to God. Effram  Effram- He brings us fresh mushrooms from the higher valleys and carries everything we need that is heavy to the house. He is well-respected in the community and always pretty darn happy
Mushrooms on tree in Forest  Small mushrooms growing on Deodar Trees after monsoon., It has rained every day or night  for over a month. Deodar Forest  Deodar Forest Cow  Grazing in Forest  I often see cows grazing in the rich green undergrowth of the Deodar Forest Kullu Traditional House  Kullu House Mushrooms on Log  Mushrooms on a log. Some of the beautfiul surprises one sees here every day View of my house  The cottage I live in viewed from below. It is up above Old Manali. It has high speed internet and you hear the rushing river far below day and night. India is my Walden Pond with a view of the Himalaya! Thoreau would of loved it.
Door for the Animals  Doorway under Kullu house for the animals Apple Orchard Outside Bedroom Window  Apple Orchard out bedroom window- August Distant mountains with snow  Himalayan Peaks in distance. Viewed from front porch. That valley goes up to the Rohtang Pass which goes over to Ladakh. Rocks in Deodar Forest  Rocks in Deodar Forest covered with moss and mushrooms Kullu House  Kullu tradtitional House with wood stacked for winter underneath. There was 5ft of snow here last year distant snowcovered mountains  View of Himlayas from front porch
Chengi  Chengi, the Landlord's Kullu wife. Wonderful, sweet, humorous and a real hard worker far distant mountains  Looking off towards the Beas River Valley Deodar Trees in Fog  I never cease to marvel when I walk through this forest Pasture,  orchards and nearby houses  View of nearby houses in springtime-April View from porch of house  View of Himalaya toward Rohtang Pass from front porch Water Driven Bandsaw by Creek  This 'shop' is right on the Manalsu River. The bandsaw is run by a waterwheel, fed by the creek
Plowing the fields below house  Plowing with oxen between apple trees while sheep eats. Corn was later planted as the second crop following barley in August Snow covered peaks in distance  Himalayan view from porch-April View From house after monsoon rains  View from house of mountains after a pause in the monsoon rains-August. A lot of the snow melts off of the lower mountains and the hills turn emerald green Moss in  Deodar Forest  Deodar Forest. The whole place looks and feels like a fairytale Soma-Amanita Muscara  Amanita Muscara- what many believe to tbe the 'Soma' of the Vedas, growing in the Deodar forest Rock in Forest jpg  Rock in Deodar Forest
Woman carrying grass  Kullu woman carrying fresh cut grass in wicker basket down from the mountain for her animals. Path in Deodar Forest  Path in Deodar Forest View through fog in Deodar Forest  Let there be light Iris  Iris in high moutain valley Scene in Deodar Forest  Deodar Forest Pritham our Landlord in front of house  Pritham, our landlord working on the flowers directly in front of my house. Beautiful flowers, roses, hollyhocks, marigolds, sunflowers, hydrangeas all grow in height and abundance here. When the monsoon rains come it rains every daly for over a month.
forest  Deodar Forest. Every time I walk through here it is like listening to a wonderful story that I have heard before and love even more every time I hear it again Nepali Porters  These Nepali men have been carrying large rocks all day up the mountain on their wooden framed knapsacks. They carry about 130lbs with each load Snow covered peaks up valley  Snow covered peaks from front porch-Looking up the Manalsu river valley. This is the valley that I live in. It is called the Valley of the Gods. Manu-Hadimba Temple  Manu-Hidimbi Temple: Manu is the progenitor of mankind and it was his story that formed the archetypal basis for Noah and his ark. Manu's boat came to rest somewhere around here in the valley of the Gods and the worship of Manu Rishi is spread throughout the valley. Manali is named after Manu. Manali used to be called- Manulaya- the place of Manu. Hidimbi is the Rakshasa/Demoness who became the wife of Bhima, one of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata. She is worshipped all over the Kullu Valley. This temple is about 1/4 mile from where I live Corn  Corn growing in the Apple Orchards for the second crop of the year after barley Kullu Traditional House showing small door for animals below  Outside of Kullu house with animal door brightly painted below. The people rely heavily on their animals for milk, wool, butter, ghee, manure and much of their lives is devoted to their care
Kidney Stone Rock  Nearby creek and kidney-stone rock. It is stuck in the middle of the creek and the water pours down on both sides around it Fog in Deodar Forest glade  Tat Sundaram. It is beautiful Forest of Trees  Looking through the Deodar Forest women in field  Kullu woman cutting and gathering grasses after monsoon rains have stopped  in late fall. They are workikng amongst the Apple orchards high up on the mountain Traditional Kullu House  Tradidional Kullu house now storing up grasa and hay for winter IMG 0960
Flowers  After the monsoon there are thousands of flowers everywhere Kullu House with colorful Laundry  Hay drying on the roof and the fresh grass for the animals Remote Valley in the Himalaya  Remote Mountain Valley with snowfield on upper slopes outside Old Manali Corn Drying on Stone Roof of house  There are hundreds of houses with corn drying on the roofs. The corn is not very sweet and is used for the animals Old Kullu House  This house is now only used for storing hay and keeping animals Plowing the fields  Plowing the fields in betwen the apple trees
IMG 0962  Looking out from cottage in April. This is the valley that goes up to the Rohtang Barley drying in the sun in lae june Fall and early snows  The lower slopes are colored by the biting chill of fall Stone roofed Kullu Houses  The stone roofs are extremely heavy and every once in a while you see collapsed houses when the foundations shift or give way Corn on roof  Corn drying on an aluminum roof Kullu house on Bright Fall Day  This was a an extraordinary fall day. The light was magnificent and glorious
Fall colors the slopes  Higher slopes turning yellow in the fall Gourds for eating  These gourds are like huge zucchinis. They grow everywhere in the gardnes of the Kullu people View of mountains with snow in early June  Looking out from cottage in April Kullu House used as barn  IT is a crisp fall day and all the animals are out in the sun eating hay Lower lelevations touched by snows  View towards Rohtang Pass. These are the lower elevations still Stone Staircase  This picture shows a combined stair and column support on Kullu House
Wood and Stone Kullu House Animal Door  The door for animals that stands on the lopwer floor of every Kullu House. The people live in the upper floors where it is warmer for the cold winters ahead Lookiong out from cottage in April  Looking out from cottage in April Corn drying in September Waterfall above Vasisht Cornstalks drying in orchards  The cornstalks are placed in the branches of the Aple Trees to dry. They will be used for feeding the animals through the winter. Nothing goes to waste View of Mountains in June  Looking out from cottage in April
Wild Mountain Flowers Late Fall  The hills are covered with small flwoers of many varieties Mountains with snow in June corn on roof close-up  The corn is used for animal feed throughout the long and very cold winter Waterfalls in mountains above Vasisht Doorway in Vasisht Himalayan Goats  Himalayan Mountain Goats domesticated. They go to the high pastures with a goatherd and a dog. It is only the cows that graze or are fed from lower down the mountain.
Trees  VIew of opposite side of our vallely from our house. Mist drifting over the mountain - 04  Deodar forest in clouds after rains Sunset Himalayas  Sunset in the Himalayas. This is where the apricots get their color inspiration Winter Old Manali   Winter Old Manali. You can see my house on the right side of the photograph covered with snow. Beautiful